Snapgene Library for Annotation

This is a downloadable working copy of our SnapGene custom library (05_08_2024) that we are building for transposon and insertion sequence annotation. It might contain a number of redundancies. It is composed of 'favorites' (fully annotated and verified features) and non-favorited features (included to identify in submitted transposons and plasmids but not robustly annotated).

There are two download options: 1) the SnapGene © .frts file containing both favorited and non-favorited features and 2) a folder containing only the favorited features. To install the .frts file in SnapGene, first extract the downloaded file, and then copy the customCommonFeatures.ftrs file to the SnapGene folder. In Windows, go to the SNAPGENE folder (APPDATA>Roaming>SnapGene: note this may be a hidden folder) copy the file directly into this folder or replace the current .ftrs file if necessary. To install the favorited features, these can be directly imported into the user's preexisting .frts file.

The annotation rules we use here are described in the "For Curators" section on the TnCentral left menu. Please consult this document. In addition, the library entry Name and Note fields contain the name of the first associated element in which we found the library entry. These must be changed to the associated element which is being annotated.

Please quote: Ross K, Varani AM, Snesrud E, Huang H, Alvarenga DO, Zhang J, Wu C, McGann P, Chandler M. TnCentral: a Prokaryotic Transposable Element Database and Web Portal for Transposon Analysis. mBio. 2021 Oct 26;12(5):e0206021. doi: 10.1128/mBio.02060-21. Epub 2021 Sep 14. PMID: 34517763; PMCID: PMC8546635

TnCentral Dataset

These options are for downloading the entire TnCentral Database. Additional options for downloading different Tn families can be obtained by using the buttons (Tn3, Tn402/In, Compound, Tn554, Tn7 and Integrall) on the TnCentral Homepage or individual examples can be downloaded from the results obtained from a TnCentral Search.

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BLAST Databases

Various options for downloading the BLAST libraries used in the TnCentral BLAST search are provided for both DNA and Protein. They were constructed using the command makeblastdb version 2.6.0+.

Nucleotide Databases
download Only TnCentral download TnCentral + Integrall download TnCentral + ISFinder download TnCentral + Integrall + ISFinder
Protein Databases
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